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Valentina, lawyer in Milan, stylist for a day

You know those TV series about lawyers? And you know the women lawyers in them? Of course they are beautiful but often strict, and always in dark colours, without any light touches or imagination, at least in their look.
Valentina, a lawyer, originally belies these stereotypes. And she does it above all with an infectious smile and totally natural modesty.

She works in Milan and is a partner in an international law firm, where she works on operations of extraordinary finance. She has returned to Italy, after periods In Paris and Strasbourg. Today she lives in Milan, with Tommaso, her partner, and Pris, a friendly Manchester Terrier.

Energetic and determined in her work, creative and very colourful in her look. 

We spent a whole day with her, asking her to tell us about Pulchra according to her very personal aesthetic language. The bag seems to have been created especially for Valentina, thanks to its harmony between elegance and functionality.

The first question, seeing her so entertained by this game of creating ideal outfits, could only concern her work. And her story immediately aroused our curiosity.

Have you always wanted to be a lawyer? How did you come to this profession?
The whole truth?

Of course!
I wanted to be a biologist, and then I thought that being shut up all day in a lab was not for me and I really didn’t know what to do. I started philosophy in Milan, my city, but in the end it seems too abstract and so I approached Law. 

And then?
That’s where I stopped! 

Why? What kept you there?
In short, the fact that there is always a problem to be solved!

This is Valentina’s attitude. An attitude that never wants to sacrifice her femininity. And this intrigued us right from the beginning.

Valentina, you work in a very challenging and competitive sector which in the collective imagination, trivializing if you like, is perceived more as a male sector: tenacity beyond every limit, career and ambition, crazy working hours and very great pressure. How do you, a woman and a lawyer, succeed in combining all this with your femininity, which moreover you communicate very well in the choice of your outfits?
(Valentina Dragoni bursts out laughing).
In the end there is always the need for a touch of femininity to soften the tones. The important thing is not to follow the model of the woman who replicates a masculine attitude. On the contrary, bringing diversity into the working context, being yourself and expressing your femininity contribute decisively to creating a balance.

If a young aspiring lawyer were to ask you for advice, what would you say to her?
To take her own attitude to work (whatever it is) to create her own “style”.

Pulchra is the result of the reinterpretation of camera cases and it holds the sense of travel.

You are a great traveller. Which journeys always leave a trace inside you?
I love journeys that let me discover different cultures, life styles, foods and colours. I like to explore and bring home new emotions; I am always regenerated when I travel!

A trip that you loved more than any other?
Cuba, the first trip with my best friend. An experience of friendship and discovery and then of dancing (which I love), music, so many colours, gorgeous smiles and meetings that you never forget. Fantastic.

Valentina, in your choice of outfits for the photo shoot, you had a sensitivity that we could say was creative, which goes marvelously with all the variants of Pulchra. How important is the choice of look for you? What do you like about fashion, what research do you do?
It’s not so much a matter of fashion: your look is part of your personality. You choose depending on the day, how you feel, or what you want to convey to others. It also has a lot to do with your mood, the context, with the specific moment, with your role, more or less, to the fore in a given situation. This is why I love Pulchra, it is versatile and fits in perfectly with all that.

It’s not so much a matter of fashion: your look is part of your personality. You choose depending on the day, how you feel, or what you want to convey to others.”

About Pulchra, which one would you choose and why?
All of them (and she bursts out laughing) but I would say that for me… always black.

The inside of Pulchra can be thought of as the case that holds the camera and films of a photographer on the move. If you could put a Polaroid in, which one would it be?
I have no doubts (and she turns to her partner, who is sitting next to her): it would be the polaroid with Tommaso and me, and of course with Pris as well.

Thank you, Valentina. It was a pleasure to play with you between beautiful outfits and having some good chats.

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