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The start of a new story

On a boat, in the open sea, it was 2011.
We met at a point which we then defined “where the world begins”, peering at the horizon, which then became our horizon. We were fascinated by the colours, the lights and the volumes that opened up in front of our eyes. It was the start of our encounter.

Then Milan, Turin, our little girl Beatrice, the family homes and objects. The family bags. A new life. Passionate about Italian art and beauty in all their aspects, we continue, this time  together, visiting exhibitions, galleries, art fairs and museums.

This is how we opened our doors to a new world: the world of fashion. A world that is full of colour, which takes you by surprise and which is extraordinarily stimulating. In this world, we rediscovered lots of things, and we discovered that our very values were just below its slightly magical and slightly crazy surface.

Our story is made up of changes, of passion and a huge amount of research and study. Stefania comes from international sports events and Niccolò decided to enrich his creative journey to start, together, a family company. It is a challenge that bets on the future. 

To find the best craftsmen and designers, we travelled at length in our beautiful Italy discovering many talents and many beautiful stories. We came to a stop in Milan, the cradle of fashion design. 

We think that our work is made in Italy only if all the steps are done in Italy where a centenary tradition of expertise is still alive.

Every single idea, every creative project and every detail are conceived with great dedication. We put love into everything that we do because we like to create something that goes beyond its purpose.

This is how we came into being: a chance meeting, a common passion for research and beauty, a mixture of curiosity and tenacity, and above all the desire to share this view and this love with everyone who chooses a Biddau bag.

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