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a genuine statement of style

The purest expression of the Italian tradition of craftsmanship, it is made exclusively by hand.
The combinations of the colours of the leather create a note of contrast with the refined design.
It can be carried in many different ways: over the shoulder, on the back or by hand.

A gem-like clasp

Designed with attention to the tiniest detail, the fastening consists of a system of three springs inserted  into a refined and original design. A sophisticated architecture which elegantly accompanies a simple and essential gesture.

The photographers’ shoulder bag

A fragment of hidden history: it was the 20th century and photographers asked for the shoulder bag to be sufficiently sturdy to carry their lenses. As resistant today as in the past, the new shoulder bag becomes lightweight, giving the bag a casual chic style for versatile use, suitable for every occasion.

Inside the bag,
your world

The expandable front opening allows rapid access to the inside, which has a large pocket and elastic loops to hold objects. Like a jewellery box that holds our most precious things, it is enriched by elegant velvet.

Playing with colours

The colours of Pulchra are inspired by advertising graphics from the dawn of Italian design. A distinctive creative touch. Renewed contrasts and atmospheres that create a joyful dialogue with every possible look.

Night and day

Pulchra is perfect for both day and night and is stunning as a shoulder-bag or as a handbag. It can be quickly transformed to adapt to a casual chic taste or an elegant and sophisticated outfit.

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