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Biddau and the recovery of slow rhythms

Conceiving a bag means flying with the imagination. Being carried away towards horizons that perhaps are yet to be explored.

A bag can be the companion of many moments in our life, some of which may be indelible in our memory, others pleasant instants in our daily existence.

Handing down the instant

Reflecting on instants and on horizons, our imagination looked to finding ideas that only the language of 20th century photography can give us.

For many decades, taking photos meant having cameras, lenses, light meters and everything else required to immortalize fleeting time and hand down snapshots from one generation to the next. 

We began to develop the ideal of our brand on exactly these concepts, handing down instants of life and a love of travel from one generation to the next.

Our focus was on the bags and cases that the world of photography produced and used from the end of the 19th century to the 1990s. Precisely because they contain, not only concepts, but also appeal and a peculiar aesthetic of their own which has always been paired with functionality, they have become unique objects. 

New life for timeless designs

This was where our intense and impassioned search on thousands of cases began. We were impressed and amazed by the variety of shapes and materials.

The idea that took shape was to give new life and functionality to these genuine objects of timeless design, recovering some aesthetic and functional ideas. 

Ours does not aim to be a vintage project, but aims to define itself as a source of inspiration at the origins of design, in the study of 20th century cases to give them new life in today’s world with renewed functionality. 

Today many people think they are photographers through the production of easy and quick photos but in actual fact photography has always been something that is greatly meditated, requiring a great deal of time, attention, meditation and observation.

This is our philosophy: recovering the slow time when BIDDAU women can wear unique pieces which will accompany them to discover new horizons and immortalizing in their memory and in their spirit those fleeting seconds to take with you and to hand on to future generations.

Just as photography was for a long time. 

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