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Bags are our passion

High quality and timeless designs, we believe in objects to love and that are handed down from one generation to the next.

The idea

Our imagination went to look for ideas that only the 20th century could give us. For many decades, things were carried only by hand or over the shoulder. Personal objects or for work, bags and cases were the result of a study aimed at their functionality, but also their design. We fell in love with them and wanted to give them a new life!

The creations

We decided to develop collections that meet a profound need for quality and beauty. We always use premium materials, which together with a strongly connotative design, give a precious and genuine feature to every bag

Our dream

Our dream is to put a little magic into the wardrobe of the women who choose our bags and who love to play with their style. We design and make them thinking of each piece as though it were a work destined to last in time. We believe that the authenticity of the bag lies in its uniqueness. The love for an object becomes love for a story, it becomes affection.

“Our vision starts from beauty”

About us

Niccolò Biddau and Stefania Demetz.
The desire to merge our experiences and our passions, to work together and to create something new and unique has brought us together. Our idea starts from the awareness that the absolute quality of the product, intuition and curiosity in the processes and in relations are necessary to make timeless objects.

Niccolò Biddau

Niccolò Biddau is regarded as one of the best industrial and architectural photographers. His photographs have been published in magazines, exhibited at museums, fairs and galleries in Italy and around the world, more than twenty books have been published on his work.

Alongside his 30-year practice, Biddau has realised a body of work as a photographer, curator, creative director, and entrepreneur. In 2007, to provide full creative direction services, he formed Photo Publisher, an editorial company that publishes monographs and organizes exhibitions, which today is a growing team of individuals who support Biddau to realize the breadth of his creative output.
Photography and making a bag are both creative actions or not?”Let’s say that they are two passages in sequence with, however, very different implications: making a bag means creating a shape, which did not exist before; taking a photo means reading and interpreting that shape, which effectively already exists.”

Stefania Demetz

Stefania, a manager of international events, was the General Manager of the Ski World Cup in Val Gardena-Dolomites for more than 15 years, and also carried out press activities and operations management at a number of international sporting events, including the Olympic Games and the Championships. She is the author of a book on the philosophy of the job of manager for sporting events and for many years she had a blog on the same subject.

Why fashion now?
“Fashion is beauty and emotions, exactly like sport, but it is also something different: it is tangible. I have always created events, i.e. things that then came to an end, which were intangible. Now at last I can create something which can be touched and which can last forever.”

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